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The USC Roach Cam was one of the very first animal cams on the internet.  If memory serves, it first went live in December of 1993 and has been serving up enticing images of giant cockroaches ever since!

These giant  Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches (Gromphadorhina portentosa) at the University of South Carolina are excellent mothers! The females carry their developing embryos inside their abdomens to protect them from predators. They then "give birth" to live, young roaches that look a lot like their parents, except they are much smaller! Animals that carry their developing eggs internally are said to be ovoviviparous. This form of development probably leads to adaptive maternal effects on offspring. The newly hatched nymphs grow to weigh about as much as a small mouse when fully grown.

Drop by and see them! We are located in the Coker Life Sciences Building Rm 706 (CLS 706) on the campus of the University of South Carolina, Columbia.

The image is grabbed from a STAR DOT Technologies NETCAM XL network webcam. Thank you STARDOT!!! 

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