Graduate Studies in Evolution at USC

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The following faculty are associated with the Evolution Graduate Group at the University of South Carolina:


Franklin G. Berger
Mammalian Molecular Genetics, Molecular Evolution

Renea Brodie
Eco-Physiology, Development, and Evolutionary Transitions

Bruce C. Coull
Marine Benthic Ecology, Copepod Evolution

John Mark Dean
Ecology of Fishes, Aging, Population Biology

Patricia J. DeCoursey
Behavioral Ecology, Biological Rhythms

Charles F. Duggins
Molecular Genetics of Fishes, Hybrid Zones

Bert Ely
Microbial and Fish Molecular Genetics

Travis Glenn
Conservation Biology, Genotoxicology, Population Genetics, and Natural Resource Management. 

Brian Helmuth
Physical Biology of Marine Invertebrates, Biomechanics, 
Intertidal and Subtidal Physiological Ecology

Kevin Higgins
The dynamics of ecological and evolutionary processes.

T. Jerry Hilbish
Evolutionary Genetics, Hybrid Zones

Austin L. Hughes
Adaptive Evolution at the Molecular Level 

David Lincoln
Global Change, Plant-Insect Interactions, Chemical Ecology

Timothy A. Mousseau
Life History Evolution, Maternal Effects, Quantitative Genetics

Joe Quattro
Molecular Evolution, Phylogenetics, Conservation Genetics

Robert A. Raguso
Plant/Animal Interactions, Physiology and Evolution of. Fragrance, Behavior and Pollination Ecology

Roger Sawyer
Development, Molecular Evolution, The Evolution of Birds and Alligators

Stephen E. Stancyk
Reproductive Ecology of Marine Invertebrates, Adaptiveness of Invertebrate Life Histories

Richard Vogt
Neurobiology, Development, Molecular Evolution

Peter Waddell
Bio-Stats, Analysis of microarray data

David Wethey
Benthic Ecology, Larval Dispersal

Sarah Woodin
Marine Ecology, Chemical Ecology



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